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Volunteer with Climate Action California!

As we near the half-way point in the 2023 legislative year, Climate Action California (formerly the 350 Silicon Valley Legislation/Policy team) is in the thick of it! All of the teams listed below have good work going on and can use more people as we push our surviving priority bills over the finish line in their houses of origin. All of the bills that have passed out of the Senate or Assembly's Appropriations Committees must be passed by June 2 to move to the second house this year.

We also need volunteers who can help with admin tasks, keep the website current, help with our newsletter, or join our social media team. In addition, we are seeking a volunteer attorney who can advise a nonprofit; and people who want to help build both CAC and the climate movement.

We'd love to have you join our work!

Whether you have a lot of time or a little to work on climate, and if you're new to this work or an experienced campaigner—we have plenty of good work to do and wonderful people to do it with.

Check the boxes on the form to let us know what appeals to you, and we'll be in touch!

In addition to general climate advocacy, we organize our work in topic-specific campaign teams, who watch and advocate for strong climate legislation and policy in these areas:

  • Building decarbonization: Advocate for local, state, and federal policies moving us toward eliminating natural gas (methane)
  • Climate finance: Address banks, insurers, pension funds, and the Securities and Exchange Commission—all key to loosening fossil fuel’s death grip on the economy and the planet
  • Energy policy: A broad category that includes utility pricing and regulation of new, existing, and abandoned oil and gas wells
  • Federal legislation and policy: Focus on Washington. 2023 is the year to reauthorize the Farm Bill, which is all about climate
  • Methane from agriculture: Animal agriculture, especially dairies, is a huge source of methane in California. Plenty to do here, to reduce emissions from both manure and cow burps
  • Methane from landfills / waste food diversion: Reduce methane leaks from landfill operations. Divert wasted food to people who need it, and convert green waste to compost mulch, and other beneficial uses
  • Offshore wind: Advocate on all aspects of offshore wind with the goal of permitting as quickly as possible while ensuring that environmental and environmental justice concerns are fully addressed. With 350 Humboldt
  • Plastics: Work on local action and legislation, to advocate for producer responsibility policy, reduce single-use plastic, promote reuse, and educate on the harms plastics cause
  • Refrigerants: Reduce these potent greenhouse gases by replacing commercial refrigeration equipment in supermarkets and convenience stores with equipment that uses “natural” refrigerants
  • Transportation: Work with coalitions and other groups to accelerate the move to zero-emissions vehicles from cars to heavy-duty trucks, and advance support for public transit, a much needed alternative to personal transport